//Flights to South Sudan, what else you need to know

Flights to South Sudan, what else you need to know

The humanitarian crisis in South Sudan has remained over the last decade, because of this, flights to South Sudan mean saving lives and delivering help where it is most needed.

Transport solutions that ensure these kinds of interventions, therefore, have grown broader,  in response to the post-conflict situation in South Sudan.

Kampala Executive Aviation is a helpful and convenient Charter flight service provider that not only understands the region but is based within reach of South Sudan. Our charter flight packages ensure;

1. Timeliness
Flights to South Sudan connect you to several destinations in record time. KEA connects you to Juba International Airport in one and a half hours and flights from Juba to Torit take 29 minutes on the caravan C208 and 17 minutes on the PC 12.

2. Medical evacuation options

KEA’s Bell 412 helicopter is fitted with medical evacuation assortment to ensure flights to South Sudan can help those in physical danger. KEA staff on call are trained in medical evacuation procedure and in-flight medical personnel and can be availed. An ambulance is often on hand to move patients from crisis points to intensive or emergency care points.  And because of the insurgency in South Sudan , medical evacuation flights are necessary.

KEA offers suitable business jet charter opportunities worthy your consideration.

Business jet charter in Africa is now arrayed with opportunities, including South Sudan.

3. Cargo Movement
Humanitarian efforts inside the World’s youngest Republic require that people are able to move supplies to South Sudan with considerable ease. KEA’s flight options are able to handle different cargo requirements for clientele ensuring safe passage to their destination.  Call us today to discuss yours.

4. Booking possibilities
Flights to South Sudan with KEA allow you to book two weeks from slated date, organisations or individuals can book flights to South Sudan or choose a contract option in case of frequent travels.  Alert us about your specific need.

Charter flights to South Sudan are necessary for humanitarian work to thrive

5. Cost-effectiveness
Flying with KEA to South Sudan provides you with reasonable price options that ensure a great flying experience within your means.

Flights to South Sudan, therefore, do not only bring great value to humanitarian work but allow several flight options that fit broad clientele categories including, work teams, individuals and delegations. contact us today and to plan your flight to South Sudan.