Flights to Uganda: 3 Charter Options for Business travellers.

Flights to Uganda driven by tourism are without a doubt on the rise, whether business travel travellers within the same Country have similar options is another question altogether.

When it comes Flights to Uganda, with Tourism on agenda, numbers don’t lie. In fact, remarkable is an understatement when talking Uganda tourism opportunities, but would you say the same about business travel? We bet not.

When considering flights to Uganda, which business travel options may a business traveller there consider?

Uganda’s Investment opportunities in food processing, real estate are increasing by the day, and that’s why the needs of business travel in Uganda cannot be peripheral. The ultimate question remains, however, who is best suited to provide convenient, affordable business travel for all these business flights to Uganda often undertaken?

Kampala Executive Aviation seems to have their hand up at this point, after 9 years of enabling convenient charter travel in Uganda; they are accelerating their Business Charter prospects with the following services, provided for in their Charter aircraft options.


1. Bell 412 helicopter

Bell 412 best helicopter for charter flights in Uganda

KEA’s Bell 412 Helicopter is an 11 seater that can accommodate sizeable numbers at $3500 per hour. Business travellers can choose that as a superior transport choice for their think tanks and teams across locations in Uganda. I would like a quotation for this. 


2. Beechcraft 1900D

Charter flights in Uganda

The sleek Beechcraft 1900D carries a capacity to endure remote runways for business agendas in and out of town. Booking this as your option would not only be a suitable choice but a perfect fit for your imminent market goals upcountry.


3. Pilatus PC 12

Charter flights to Uganda

This Pilatus PC 12 is our 7 executive seater fitted with divine leather seats perfect for your business route. Fly your entire boardroom and get there in less than 2 hours on this fast private jet. Not only will money be saved, time will too.

There is no doubt business travel opportunities abound in a country like Uganda, awash with investment opportunities, this good news is now met with efficient Flights to Uganda business charter services that regional companies like KEA readily provide.

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