Flying Private in and Around Kampala Uganda – Top 5 Aircraft for 2018

Uganda’s Capital, Kampala – more so the rest of urban Africa – is encumbered with Infrastructure problems, which flying alternatives are available for those travelling to or within Kampala Uganda?

Sometimes road travel just doesn’t cut it. From VIP delegations who will travel only by air, to short stays in Kampala and fast trips in and out of the city to cater to business.

Other times, it’s a matter of security where road transport does not offer the discretion that air charter does. What if the solution for high-end Kampala business brokers in pursuit of big business and productivity is flying privately in Kampala Uganda (and yes, you will be surprised to learn the costs are amazingly affordable)

Kampala Executive Aviation is the sole helicopter service provider in Kampala Uganda, the flexibility of helicopters means that flying privately in Kampala is reality nearer than we first thought; for example, ponder our fleet,  in these types.

1. The Bell 412 Helicopter.

Our Bell 412 Helicopter is an 11 seater that can accommodate your entire senior staff for a board meeting across Kampala Uganda, flying from your preferred corporate venue to your destination at a $3500 per hour.


The Bell 412 is part of our exceptional fleet to provide you with a superior travel experience.

2. Bell 206 Jet Ranger

This versatile 3-helicopter can get you to any Kampala Uganda destination within minutes, fitted with medical evacuation facilities, it’s also best suited in emergency situations.


Chartering Flights in Uganda, you need the exquisite services of a Bell 206 jet ranger.

3. Pilatus PC12

Our 7 executive seater fitted with divine leather seats is perfect for business or leisure. Fly your group in a dedicated VIP workspace or spoil your inner circle with a weekend excursion to your activity of choice aboard this fast private jet.

Charter-flights-Uganda- Pilatus- PC12- Interior

The Pilatus PC12 carries a spectacular comfy interior for all your travel convenience.

4. Beechcraft 1900D

The Beechcraft is a 19 seater suitable for delegations on mission; the sleek VIP aircraft carries a capacity to endure undeveloped runways in remote locations. Considering it for your delegation while in Kampala Uganda may be the next thing you prioritize.


The Beehccraft 1900D is also best designed to suit your conveniences.

5. Cessna 210

Our 4 passenger plane is a relatively smaller charter that will lower the price of your trip in Kampala Uganda while still offering you sizeable cabin space per person, a potential one-way family trip to Jinja would, for example, cost you $640.

There is no doubt air transport needs are increasing by the day, and Kampala Executive Aviation carries huge opportunities not only for those flying privately in Kampala Uganda but corporate and humanitarian efforts doing business and providing relief countrywide, respectively. Who do I reach to schedule an appointment, make a booking, or to learn more about these services?

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