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1802, 2019

KEA flies over 200 international Tourists around Uganda

KEA is proud to announce having just completed a unique 2-day operation which involved flying 204 international tourists across multiple tourism locations in Uganda on multiple fixed-wing aircraft. The group of tourists who landed at [...]

808, 2018

Why Executives are Flying Business Jet

Business travel today is changing. The responsibilities of business executives and employees are becoming increasingly complex. Gone are the days when you could set aside lengthy times for travel and stay out of touch. Saving [...]

1705, 2017

TOTAL Uganda Renews Operations with KEA

KEA has been providing TOTAL Uganda and its JV partners with rotary wing services using one of its B412 EP helicopters, 5X-KEG, since 2015. The aircraft is primarily used for passenger transportation and casevac between [...]

1207, 2015

Ground-breaking Animal Census

KEA is proud to be a leader in aerial surveys and orthophoto-mapping. For many years KEA have produced orthophoto maps for traditional requirements such as National Land surveys, agricultural projects, infrastructure development and border [...]

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