TOTAL Uganda Renews Operations with KEA

KEA has been providing TOTAL Uganda and its JV partners with rotary wing services using one of its B412 EP helicopters, 5X-KEG, since 2015. The aircraft is primarily used for passenger transportation and casevac between the KEA base at Kajjansi Airfield, near Kampala and the Lake Albert exploration blocks in Western Uganda. It is also used to assist TOTAL operations in Eastern DRC.

The TOTAL audit concluded an intense period of inspections for the KEA team by external organizations, including those from WFP, US DOD and MSF.

During February this year KEA were re-audited over three days by Alain Dorey from TOTAL E&P LSO. All aspects of the company, its operations, maintenance and training were reviewed to ensure compliance with TOTAL E&P Policy, international standards and industry practices and OGP requirements. The successful outcome of this process was the renewal of contract to provide rotary wing services through 2017.
As with most audits, several areas for improvement were identified and have been addressed by KEA’s programme of continuous improvement.