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Why Executives are Flying Business Jet

Business travel today is changing. The responsibilities of business executives and employees are becoming increasingly complex. Gone are the days when you could set aside lengthy times for travel and stay out of touch. Saving time and getting things done remotely is vital. With limited corporate travel options in Africa, poor transport network and time constraints, business traveller satisfaction more than ever is dependent on time-saving travel solutions and satisfactory in-travel experience. The ability of service providers to avail services that are swift and amenities that meet your dependence on mobile devices, and technology, are key to how business executives and employees choose travel options because they directly impact business productivity.

Corporate charter is leading the global shift in how business owners and their employees travel by providing smart flight solutions based on the following.

Focused on you.

By choosing to fly private, you get a service tailored to fit your requirements. From pick up to take off, to amenities such as catering. Short security process, more leg room and a superior in-flight experience are increasing business traveller satisfaction and making more choose to fly private over commercial flying or driving to local destinations.

Business jet Charter is key for Executive travel in Africa

Business jet charter is a key executive travel service that KEA offers.

2. Save Valuable time and Money.

Arrive at the airfield and takeoff in minutes, land close to your destination, travel to multiple locations and return home in one day. You can attend to your business matters in a way that frees up more time in your already tight schedule and still makes your business profitable.

3. Stay Productive While Flying.

Don’t stop being productive when you fly and avoid interruptions in important discussions. Enjoy a dedicated workspace for your most important meetings. Save time doing it in flight and start executing tasks on landing. With WiFi, laptops, tablets, smart phones and the growing expectation to execute tasks fast, make the most of the exclusive in-flight amenities offered on private aircraft.

4. Planned Around Your Requirements. 

A private charter service is designed to put you at the centre and tailor your experience around your requirements from start to finish.

5. Confidential Point to Point Service.

Your privacy is important. You need a provider ready to plan and execute around your requirements with a keen focus on security and discretion to ensure an unparalleled and smooth experience.

KEA offers suitable business jet charter opportunities worthy your consideration.

Business jet charter in Africa is now arrayed with opportunities.

6. Multiple Aircraft Choices.

You don’t have to acquire an aircraft to get priority access to a world-class fleet. Through private business flights with business jet charter providers, you have access to a range of aircraft that will cater for your variety of needs.

KEA's fleet

Multiple flight options are great opportunities for Business jet users travelling across Africa.

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