//Why Flights to Congo 

Why Flights to Congo 

Fishermen on Congo River, regarded the second longest in the world, after River Nile. Manfredmsc/Pixabay.

We often hear a single story about the Democratic Republic of Congo. The one of a land ridden by war and disease, deep and dark rain forests that cut it off from access. But we know the danger of a single story that Chimamanda Adichie in her recent TedX talk warned us about. And what that can do to a place and a people. So while we exercise precaution venturing into the unstable regions of Africa such as the Congo, we explore four reasons why many are still venturing in there and why it bursts of potential that should be harnessed.

1. Congo mines.  
Congo’s mines include cobalt, copper, diamond tantalum, among others, these mineral resources scattered across provinces, Bukavu, Goma and others, present opportunities for business contracts and partnerships, business Flights to Congo, therefore, provide a gateway to exploration prospects while allowing you the comfort and convenience of charter flight now available within the region.  

Wolframite and Casserite mining in Kailo, Democratic Republic of Congo (Julien Harneis/Flickr)

2. Mount Nyiragongo.
Considered the most dangerous volcano in the world, the mountain commands a steady presence in the Congo rainforests with the world’s largest lava lake, atop. Tourists taking flights to Congo have great opportunity to enjoy its sights.  Let us know if you need further travel details furnished concerning Congo’s luxury destinations like these.

3. Lake Kivu
Located on the southern Congolese border with Rwanda, Lake Kivu commands a breath-taking sight and provides one of the best opportunities to explore the East African rift valley. Look at our fleet and let us embark on your itinerary.

Sights of Lake Kivu (Serrah Galos/Unsplash)

4. Congo River.
Formerly known as the Zaire River, Congo River is the second longest in Africa; its sources have been traced from Lake Tanganyika and is said to have the potential to supply entire sub-Saharan Africa’s electricity needs.

Whether you are a mineral broker, supplier or just a globetrotter, Flights to Congo combine great opportunities for both tourism and business, there is simply no end to what you can explore with both. The other good news is that there are tailored aircraft solutions to enable you to undertake flights to Congo in a convenient and time-saving way,  make your reservation for flights to Congo today.