//Why your African Wild Safari should go beyond Morocco & South Africa

Why your African Wild Safari should go beyond Morocco & South Africa

                           Sights of the Wildebeest migration in Serengeti National Park (Chen Hu – Unsplash)

Africa’s top two tourist destinations, Morocco and South Africa, are worth a nod but don’t be surprised to find there is more to your Africa wild safari than these two prominent destinations.

If all you hear about Africa wild safari is Morocco and South Africa, it’s understandable.

Travelling to and within South Africa will always be exceptional, Domestic routes in South Africa ranked at number one and two in Routes online’s July 2017 survey. South Africa Airways dominates the African skyline, coming second only to Ethiopian airlines. Charter flight services like Federal Air continue to thrive in a country whose international airports, Tambo and Cape Town are ranked as the top two in Africa.

Amboseli National Park

 A view of Mount Kilimanjaro from Amboseli National park, Kenya. (Sergey Pesterev – Unsplash)


Morocco, which recieved 10 million visitors in 2016, boasts of tourism sites like the Hassan II mosque, the Roman Ruins, Erg Chigaga among others, and its airport, Angads, was named one of the most beautiful in Africa!

But here is the good news to light up your Africa wild safari, you can go beyond Morocco and South Africa – to East Africa.

The region, renowned for its vast national parks, (many ranked in the continent’s top 50) receives many Africa wild safari check-ins owing to attractions like the Serengeti wildbeest migration and Africa’s highest Mountain, Kilimanjaro. What’s more, Aerial views of the region’s wonders are extraordinary which makes the region’s charter flight options available on call a thrilling opportunity too.

As Africa continues to command a 50 million tourist population globally, the potential of another wild Africa safari destination in the East is hard to ignore, if you are travelling to Africa, you do well to look beyond Morocco and South Africa for your next wild Africa safari.

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