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One Airline, Endless Possibilities

One Airline, Endless Possibilities. - Kampala Executive Aviation

heading-iconKEA is a global specialist
aviation solutions provider
for both commercial and
government clients

Kampala Executive Aviation is a unique aviation company
operating from Uganda and delivering the highest levels of safety and service.
Incorporated in August 2008, KEA is licensed for aircraft operations
under the CAA Uganda and ICAO.

Aviation Services

With capable and knowledgeable pilots and our friendly crew, KEA can take you to any airstrip in the world. Wherever you are headed, KEA can take you there.

Come to us first. Get there fast. Whether for work or pleasure, chartering an aircraft or helicopter with KEA ensures you will arrive safely and quickly without any hassle.
KEA is experienced in providing dedicated aircraft platforms for both medical evacuation and HEMS patient transport services. KEA is particularly suited for this role as we have the ability to operate 24 hours a day, using Night Vision Goggle equipment and our highly trained aircrew.
KEA is able to provide the highest level of safety and quality demanded by the oil, gas and mining industries. From surveillance, crew rotations, LIDAR mapping, or medical evacuation, KEA is well equipped to cater to this challenging and dynamic line of work.
Search and Rescue is a role that is perfectly suited for helicopters. When you combine this with our highly trained crews and capability enhancing equipment, KEA can provide a proven service when you most need it. From lost boats, downed aircraft, missing climbers, to victims of natural disasters, KEA has the ability to find, extract and rescue.
Using our Night Vision Goggle compatible helicopters and hoist equipment, we will always endeavor to be the first on scene.
Often a helicopter is not only the fastest way to get cargo to a destination, it may be the only option. KEA Ltd offers external sling load operations to fit your mission including:
• Rooftop building equipment
• Drill rig construction
• Wind turbine and powerline installation and repair
• Placement of mining and rig equipment
KEA can provide longline operations for projects in areas lacking infrastructure and security. For example, our sling load operation can assemble a rig on a steep hillside where a forklift or crane cannot operate.
KEA is experienced in the smooth conveyance of VIP passengers, their families and staff throughout the world. With a focus on security, discretion and flexibility KEA will make your journey a seamless event.

heading-iconAerial and Geophysical
Survey Services

  • Geophysical Survey

  • Lidar

  • Bird Towing

  • Loop Towing

  • Mapping

  • Aerial

  • Orthophoto

  • 3D modelling

  • Animal point sampling

Logistics and
Project Management

  • Remote camp construction and management
  • Line hauling
  • Remote area transportation
  • Jet fuel supply and distribution

  • Crew rotations and supply

  • Catering

  • Camp security / guarding


  • Aviation Advisory & Management Services

  • Bespoke Aviation Solutions

  • Airborne Data Collection & Processing

  • Provision of Aircrew

  • Aircrew Training, Fast Jet, Transport and Rotary Wing

  • Modification and Operation of Aircraft for Special Missions

  • Aircraft & Fleet Maintenance

  • UAV
  • Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)

  • Night Vision Goggle (NVG) Operations

heading-iconSafety and Quality

Safety and Quality go hand in hand.

KEA has implemented robust Safety and Quality Management Systems that provide the policies and procedures for ensuring that the highest standards in the industry are met. KEA has implemented our SMS and QMS procedures through our dedicated S&Q department who use Air Maestro software to record, track, and close out the required actions necessary for the implementation of continued improvement of both procedures and customer service.

Please read the CEO’s commitment to Safety here

Over the years KEA have been audited and successfully passed inspections by numerous organisations and companies.

Where We Work

heading-iconLatest News

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