Oil, Gas and Mining

KEA is able to provide the

highest level of safety and

quality demanded by the oil,

gas and mining industries.

Since 2015, we have served industry leaders in the oil and gas operations in Uganda. From surveillance, crew rotations, LIDAR mapping and medical evacuation, we are well equipped to cater to this challenging and dynamic line of work. With sustained growth in both our capability and expertise we are scaling our aviation solutions to meet the requirements and standard of the industry.

The KEA approach employs the best of technology and innovation to provide an ongoing commitment to service excellence. Our specialised services within the Oil ,Gas & Mining sector have been developed in response to the needs of our customers. Strict adherence to required technical documentation such as OGP 590 / 390 and Customer technical orders. Service is geared towards providing a full spectrum of aviation centric services.

  • Onshore Transportation
  • Offshore Transportation
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Aerial Construction
  • Flight Dispatch & Asset tracking/flight following.

KEA Flies for Total E&P

Between 2015-2018, KEA had the priviledge of providing TOTAL Uganda and its JV partners with rotary wing services using one of its B412 EP helicopters, 5X-KEG.

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