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Aerial and Geophysical Survey


Aerial and Geophysical Survey

Fast, Accurate and Actionable Data

Make Better

Decisions With

Accurate and

Actionable Data

KEA performs a variety of aerial and geophysical surveys.
With expert crews, multiple aircraft options and modern processing software, KEA provides an unrivalled service.
From pipeline survey, seismic survey, LIDAR surveys, electricity and powerline survey, architectural survey, road and drainage survey, land survey, wildlife survey and more individually tailored surveys. Using state of the art technology and our highly trained crews we generate fast, accurate and actionable results.

KEA has flown numerous observation type surveys visually assessing terrain for planned development and can provide a customized or individually tailored survey for your needs.

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Ground-breaking Animal Census

Ground Breaking Animal Census

KEA is proud to be a leader in aerial surveys and orthophoto-mapping. For many years KEA have produced orthophoto maps for traditional requirements such as National Land surveys, agricultural projects, infrastructure development and border security.

Combining our Visionmap A3 Edge aerial mapping equipment

with facial recognition software we are able to

achieve worlds most accurate animal census.

However, we have now managed to combine our Visionmap A3 Edge aerial mapping equipment with facial recognition software. The result is the worlds most accurate animal census. During the months of June and July KEA performed surveys over Murchison Falls national park in Uganda. By mapping the entire park in ultra high resolution we are then able to run the pictures through our bespoke software and it will count all the visible animals in the park automatically.

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