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Rotary and Fixed Wing Services


Rotary and Fixed Wing Services

Fully Integrated Aviation Solutions

KEA’s fixed and rotary wing service is built upon a strong robust team of highly skilled resources

Our operational history starts from 2008 and we currently have an accident free track record that has been achieved by an increased focus on safety and quality implementation in all spheres of our service, great airplane and helicopter operational and management competencies.

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Passenger and Cargo

KEA is experienced in the smooth and secure transportation of both passengers and cargo; from crew rotations to VIP transport, through scheduled and adhoc charters.

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Medical Evacuation

We provide dedicated aircraft platforms for both medical evacuation and Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) patient transport. KEA is particularly suited for this role as we have the ability to operate 24 hours a day, using Night Vision Goggle equipment and our highly trained aircrew.

Oil Rig

Oil, Gas and Mining

We provide the highest level of safety and quality demanded by the oil, gas and mining industries. From surveillance, crew rotations, LIDAR mapping, or medical evacuation, KEA is well equipped to cater to this challenging and dynamic line of work.


Search and Rescue

KEA through its client support agreements and contractual mandates is fully capable of carrying out and /or in support of domestic  and international search & rescue efforts. Areas include over water, over land in urban and remote locations, Jungle and mountainous terrain, rivers & lakes.

Assets are well chosen and maintained to industry and OEM standards

All crew training operations are designed to meet and exceed ICAO, IOGP & BARS standards using a harmonized approach.

Endless Possibilities

24Hr Search and Rescue

Our SAR teams are equipped with ELT’s, SART beacons , Flight following and various VHF /UHF/Tactical communication devices as required. Using our Night Vision Goggle compatible helicopters and hoist equipment.


Land and Water Rescue


Fixed and Rotary Wing Integrated Solutions

Day and night

Day and/or Night Rescue


Domestic and International Solutions

24HR Medical Evacuation and Air Ambulance Capability

  • Helicopter and fixed wing capability
  • Fully equipped with advanced life support systems
  • Longterm contract agreement and adhoc
  • Fully customizable solutions based on client needs
  • Domestic and international solutions
  • Medical team available on request
Fully Customizable Solutions

External and Underslung Load Work

Often a helicopter is not only the fastest way to get cargo to a destination, it may be the only option. KEA offers external sling load operations to fit your mission.
KEA can provide longline operations for projects in areas lacking infrastructure and security. For example, our sling load operation can assemble a rig on a steep hillside where a forklift or crane cannot operate.

Rooftop Construction

Rooftop Building Equipment

Drill Rig

Drill Rig Construction

Wind Turbine

Wind Turbine and Power Line Installation and Repair


Placement of Mining and Rig Equipment

KEA has always provided exceptional services with highly professional employees.

Eric Wilson,Director Contracts Management, Fluor


KEA Awarded Contract for Humanitarian Air Services in DRC

KEA has been awarded a contract for 2 Cessna C208B aircraft for Humanitarian Air Services in the Tanganyika Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since April 2020 we have been providing transportation of passengers and cargo in support of humanitarian efforts. The area of flight operation is currently the Tanganyika province in the South East of the DRC, with Kalemie as our Main Operations Base.

KEA is currently providing transportation of humanitarian passengers and cargo with 6 flights per week in the Tanganyika Province of DRC

Flight operations are scheduled 6 days per week, and operated to the airports of Kalemie(FZRF), Nyunzu(FZRN), Kongolo(FZRQ), Kabalo(FZRM), Manono(FZRA) and Moba(FZRB). Infrastructure and facilities are developing since Kalemie gained the status of chief town of the Tanganyika province.
NewsRotary and Fixed Wing Services
March 3, 2021

KEA Awarded Contract for Humanitarian Air Services in DRC

KEA has been awarded a contract for 2 Cessna C208B aircraft for Humanitarian Air Services in the Tanganyika Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since April 2020 we have…
NewsRotary and Fixed Wing Services
March 18, 2020

KEA Awarded a Multi-Year, Multi-Role Helicopter Contract

Through competitive tender, KEA has been awarded a multi-year, multi-role helicopter contract. KEA has recently deployed and established a base in N’djamena, Chad where our three helicopters of two types…
Bell 412 Helicopter in Pibor South SudanNewsRotary and Fixed Wing Services
October 30, 2019

Disaster Relief for Floods in Pibor, Eastern South Sudan

KEA is currently supporting an international non-profit organization in Pibor, South Sudan. Due to extreme flooding, vast majorities of the area including its airfield are flooded so KEA’s versatile and…

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