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Through our dedicated medical division, KEA has completed the construction of a new remote site medical project in West Africa. The facility is functioning as a trauma & resuscitation center for a contracted client who required a clinic unit staffed by a minimum of 2 Advanced Life Support (ALS) critical care practitioners, to provide emergency medical care, primary health care and air medical evacuation care.

This purpose built clinic was deployed in less than 6 weeks to a green field site in an extremely remote location, with KEA given carte blanche over the clinic design and construction. 

Two clinic units were constructed – one for primary health consultations and a larger open-space unit for trauma & resuscitation. An emergency medical response vehicle was equipped and 2 Advanced Life Support critical care practitioners were placed on call for our client 24/7.

The facility is fully plumbed with ablutions, septic tank and all construction has been executed to international standards. From seamless floors, to easily cleanable walls and elbow open faucets, all details have been considered and tested to ensure a functional environment that meets patient needs. To ensure uninterrupted power supply the clinic has triple redundancy for electrical power with an inverter system for 7 days back up power, and a generator to provide additional backup to the inverter system.

We work with industry leaders to navigate the often complex landscape of challenges they face and deliver specialized solutions in Africa’s most austere environments.

Operators in remote locations of Africa are daily faced with various operational challenges and require effective and efficient solutions to optimize business operations, ensure profitability, personnel safety and well-being. Solutions need to be tailored to very unique and specific requirements and as client-centric as possible.

The numerous challenges to overcome, from an extremely remote location, to extreme weather, security and logistical challenges, presented yet another opportunity to get creative, solve a problem and deliver a solution. Our teams worked together to deliver a fully functioning facility to our satisfied client.

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