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KEA is proud to announce having just completed a unique 2-day operation which involved flying over 200 international tourists across multiple tourism locations in Uganda on multiple fixed-wing aircraft. The group of tourists who landed at Entebbe International Airport on Wednesday 13th February 2019 departed for their destinations aboard our fleet on Thursday 14th February 2019. The groups departed from Entebbe airport and Kajjansi Airfield where our Fixed Base Operations are located.

This is the first of its kind

mass movement of air passengers

to be completed domestically in Uganda

We are honoured to be of service and very proud of our crews who worked tirelessly for weeks to make this effort a success. The operation took several weeks of preparation, operational readiness to ensure safety and efficiency were the priority and a high standard of professionalism to safely and efficiently transport the passengers.

Our crews worked within very tight timeframes to ferry the passengers across the many local destinations. With the many limitations and austere conditions in Ugandan runways, accomplishing an operation of this scale successfully truly took operational excellence and industry expertise. We look forward to more opportunities of this scale.